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Why Us?

It’s simple: we’re good in what we do, we’re loyal and true to our word, we’re experienced wrappers. We have 10 years experience in graphics & wraps.

Why wrap a car?

It’s simple: because it looks brilliant, because you want it, because you can be unique, because vinyl wrap protects paintwork, because your car is worth it.

Paint Protection Film

Bodyfence film will protect your vehicle against aggression: scratches, stone chips, abrasion, UV rays giving your car ultimate protection.

Give your car a style

Here at emotion wraps we do car wraps with a different approach. We’re weirdos and vikings, so you can expect promises delivered. We’ll look after your car as it would be ours, providing you ideas, designs and the top quality wrap. We’re not cutting corners, we love to wrap with a style.

Dedicated room

our premises are dedicated to wrapping vehicles: we offer a dust free, bright and most importantly: temperature controlled environment to provide best results on your vehicle.

Endless Colours

The best thing about vinyl wrapping is that there’s no four week wait. A full car wrap can be completed on most of vehicles in just 2 days from start to finish. And with decent bodywork, it will look just as good as a re-spray but can cost half the price. Car Vinyl wraps are available in many colours and material finishes, you will be protecting your precious whilst also totally transforming its look and style.

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